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wkd: add en translations

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......@@ -173,6 +173,13 @@ en:
jid_exists_already: This username is already taken
failed: A failure happened!
wkd: GPG Key Directory
wkd_short_help: To facilitate the discovery of your GPG key by others we support to publish it in a Web Key Directory (WKD).
wkd_set_key: Paste your GPG public key here to publish it in our Web Key Directory (WKD). At the moment only keys for your main email address can be accepted.
wkd_wrong_uids: "This key cannot be published. It does not match your signed in account, but rather:"
wkd_confirm_key: Would you like to publish the following key?
wkd_existing_key: "Currently the following key is published for your address:"
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