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readd missing translations

parent 3ed54efe
......@@ -113,6 +113,13 @@ en:
last_used: "last used"
never_used: "never used"
requires_recovery_email: "Requires a present recovery email"
requires_secured_mailbox: "Requires a secured mailstorage"
status: 'Status'
activated: 'activated'
disabled: 'disabled'
disable_2fa: 'Disable 2fa'
tfa: 'Two Factor Authentication'
tfa_short_help: 'Secure login with Smarthone App or Yubikey'
tfa_enable: 'Enable two-factor authentication'
......@@ -109,6 +109,12 @@ fr:
last_used: "utilisé en dernier"
never_used: "jamais utilisé"
requires_recovery_email: "Nécessite un jeu de restauration d'email"
requires_secured_mailbox: "Nécessite un entrepôt de courrier sécurisé"
status: "situation"
activated: 'activée'
disabled: 'deactivée'
tfa: 'Authentification à deux facteurs'
tfa_short_help: 'Connexion sécurisée avec Smarthone App ou Yubikey'
tfa_enable: "Activer l'authentification à deux facteurs"
......@@ -108,6 +108,12 @@ it:
last_used: "ultimo usato"
never_used: "mai usato"
requires_recovery_email: "Richiede un'e-mail di recupero catturata"
requires_secured_mailbox: "Richiede uno stoccaggio sicuro della posta"
status: 'Stato'
activated: 'attivato'
disabled: 'disattivato'
tfa: "Autenticazione a due fattori"
tfa_short_help: "Accesso sicuro con l'applicazione Smarthone App o Yubikey"
tfa_enable: 'Abilita autenticazione a due fattori'
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