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use invitator to generate invite codes

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......@@ -13,16 +13,12 @@
<br />
<h4>Printable Tokens:</h4>
<% @tokens.each do |token| %>
<div style="">
<div style="height:121px;background: url( left top no-repeat;">
<div style="mix-blend-mode:difference;font-size:32px;color:#fff;letter-spacing:-1px;margin-left:1px;">
<div style="height:97px;">&nbsp;</div>
<p style="font-family:Inconsolata;">
<%= short_signup_url(token) %>
<% end %>
<a href="<%= @tokens.join(',') %>">short</a>
<a href="<%= @tokens.join(',') %>">long</a>
<% end %>
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