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query deleted and existing at once

parent bcccea4d
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......@@ -11,9 +11,10 @@ class ResourcesAdminController < ApplicationController
if resource_list.include? @resource_name
@resource_schema = api.resource_schema(@resource_name)['schema']
@resources = api.resource_list(@resource_name)['data']
resources = api.resource_list(@resource_name, 'both')
@resources = resources['data']
@resources.sort! {|a,b| a['uid'] <=> b['uid']}
@deleted_resources = api.resource_list(@resource_name, true)['deleted']
@deleted_resources = resources['deleted']
@deleted_resources.sort! {|a,b| a['uid'] <=> b['uid']}
rescue ApiBackend::ApiError
flash[:danger] = :failed
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