Commit f671c442 authored by mh's avatar mh

introduce new onion url

parent 5327c163
......@@ -143,8 +143,8 @@ class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
# TODO: this needs to be replaced with a real solution!
def fix_idp_url(url)
if =~ /ysp4gfuhnmj6b4mb\.onion/
url.gsub(/immerda\.ch/, "ysp4gfuhnmj6b4mb.onion")
if ( =~ /w5ejy7xyv4dw7jul7bycfnltircxddt7vqprcxe6uggnezlwwic72qqd\.onion/) || ( =~ /ysp4gfuhnmj6b4mb\.onion/)
url.gsub(/immerda\.ch/, "w5ejy7xyv4dw7jul7bycfnltircxddt7vqprcxe6uggnezlwwic72qqd.onion")
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