Commit eec54481 authored by mahogony's avatar mahogony
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Fix wrong css property

parent 9ca29329
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ body {
textarea:focus, input[type="email"]:focus, input[type="number"]:focus, input[type="password"]:focus, input[type="search"]:focus, input[type="tel"]:focus, input[type="text"]:focus, input[type="url"]:focus, input[type="color"]:focus, input[type="date"]:focus, input[type="datetime"]:focus, input[type="datetime-local"]:focus, input[type="month"]:focus, input[type="time"]:focus, input[type="week"]:focus, select[multiple=multiple]:focus {
border-color: none;
border-color: transparent;
box-shadow: none;
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