Unverified Commit 89381d2d authored by Dominic Cleal's avatar Dominic Cleal
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Prepare to sync core from modulesync

parent 59ac9eab
forge_password: "coX6r+20OFHKTVGYb4E+1lr4AFCG5h1GeqjWY0Esfz5vAs42d/ZbLzwP6j19VXWehBitGRWkBerWU9ZIneIcPUQlRhRRCWt+XCv+6XZREdq2610RIZnva4NsLD/SCzXdC9gSfIWvGnI9fWNAQS/stgC/jkyCkFNn2i0s7qWEvA0="
ap_lib_loadpath: "$LOAD_PATH.unshift(dir, File.join(dir, 'lib'), File.join(dir, '..', 'lib'))"
ap_load_core: false
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