Commit 6a15db32 authored by Stefan Schulte's avatar Stefan Schulte
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Handle the case where no key is installed

If there is currently no key present in the RPM keyring rpm -q returns
with a non-zero exitcode. This case is now handled properly so no
error message is shown when running puppet.
parent 320758b6
......@@ -4,7 +4,14 @@ Puppet::Type.type(:rpmkey).provide(:rpm) do
def self.instances
keys = []
rpm('-q','gpg-pubkey').each_line do |line|
rpm_query = rpm('-q','gpg-pubkey')
rescue Puppet::ExecutionFailure
return []
rpm_query.each_line do |line|
if match = /^gpg-pubkey-([0-9a-f]*)-[0-9a-f]*/.match(line)
keys << new(:name => match.captures[0].upcase, :ensure => :present)
......@@ -21,6 +21,11 @@ describe Puppet::Type.type(:rpmkey).provider(:rpm) do
it "should return an empty list if no key is installed" do
described_class.expects(:rpm).with('-q', 'gpg-pubkey').raises Puppet::ExecutionFailure, 'package gpg-pubkey is not installed'
described_class.instances.should be_empty
describe "#exists?" do
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