Commit a70c0d33 authored by mh's avatar mh
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append log to the user log

parent edc37ec8
......@@ -81,11 +81,11 @@ Dir['/var/www/vhosts/*/scripts/update_wordpress/update_wordpress.dirs'].each do
run_file = File.join(dir,'update_wordpress.auto_run')
uid = Etc.getpwnam(vhost_options['sftp_user']).uid
gid = Etc.getgrnam(vhost_options['group']).gid
sudo(uid, gid) do
FileUtils.touch run_file
FileUtils.touch run_file
result = `/opt/webhosting_user_scripts/update_wordpress/update_wordpress.rb #{run_file} 2>&1`
exit_code = $?.to_i,'update_wordpress.log'),'a'){|f| f << result }
if exit_code > 0
error_log "Error while running update for #{hosting} - Exitcode: #{exit_code} - #{result}"
inform_about_error(sender, vhost_options['hosting_contact'], hosting, exit_code, result, uid, gid)
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