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this is gone

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...@@ -168,7 +168,6 @@ rm -rf %{buildroot}/opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/gems/*/gems/rack-*/test/ ...@@ -168,7 +168,6 @@ rm -rf %{buildroot}/opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/gems/*/gems/rack-*/test/
%attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/rackup %attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/rackup
%attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/tilt %attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/tilt
%attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/nokogiri %attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/nokogiri
%attr(0755,-,-) %{agentdir}/bin/erubis
%{agentgemdir}/specifications/* %{agentgemdir}/specifications/*
%{agentgemdir}/extensions/* %{agentgemdir}/extensions/*
%{agentgemdir}/gems/* %{agentgemdir}/gems/*
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