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Describe environment variables

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......@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ Usage
$ docker run \
--volume modsecurity-rules:/etc/modsecurity/rules/:ro \
--publish 8080:80 \
--env \
--env BACKEND="" \
......@@ -21,9 +23,16 @@ $ docker run \
* `TLS`: Enable TLS and listen on port :443 by default. Defaults to `0`.
* `BODY_SIZE`: Client max body size. Defaults to `10M`.
* `BACKEND`: Switch to reverse proxy mode and forward traffic to this back-end.
* `BODY_SIZE`: Client max body size. Defaults to `512M`.
* `SERVER_NAME`: Server name. Defaults to `_`.
* `TLS_KEY`: TLS private key file. Defaults to `_`.
* `TLS_CERT`: TLS certificate file. Defaults to `_`.
* `BACKEND`: Proxy pass to this backend. Defaults to `_`.
* `BACKEND_VERIFY`: Verify the certificate of the backend. Defaults to `on`.
* `PROXY_TIMEOUT`: Set the proxy read, connect and send timeout. Defaults to `90s`.
If `TLS_KEY` and `TLS_CERT` are set to a value, and those files do not exist,
it will create a private key and certificate with the common name `localhost`.
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